Drive More Traffic and Manage Customer Arrivals with EnRoute ArrivalList™

A brand new EnRoute™ website is coming soon!

In the meantime, we are excited to announce that our simple waitlist platform is now available and already being used in restaurants and barbershops!

Check Out the Setup at Urban Barbershop:

Comments From Our Waitlist

My sister and I made plans to meet but had NO idea there were 2 of the same restaurant on the same road, about 30 mins apart. We both kept saying "I'm here," but could not find each other, until we realized we were at different locations. 

John M.

This is awesome! I’m so tired of having to search for restaurant availability for my groups by looking up each restaurant’s website or having to call them individually just to find out they don’t take reservations. This will allow me to know what’s available on MY schedule with real-time updates. 

Brian W.

I hope my doctor and dentist take advantage of this technology so I can check my status on their cancellation lists. This is a true game changer!

Daniel B.

If I'm near a bunch of restaurants, I want the one with lowest wait. Right now, someone runs out of the car, checks the wait time, then runs back to the car, we try the next stop, and so on, until we realize we wasted the same amount of time that we were quoted to wait at the first restaurant!

Natalie G.