Waitlists and Reservations, without the hassle.

EnRoute™ shows you who is on their way, who is running late, and who might be a no-show.

For restaurants who want to offer a better customer experience without losing control of their host(ess) stand.

Have you ever:

  • Refused to let customers join your waitlist from home because it complicates things?
  • Wanted more customers from Google searches but don't know how?
  • Wanted to only take reservations for parties of 8 or more but answering the phone is hard when you are busy?
  • Gotten tired of answering the phone about reservations / call ahead seating?
  • Wondered how many potential customers you lost from missing their calls?

We have heard statements like these from so many friends in the restaurant industry, and it never gets easier to hear.

When you use EnRoute™ ArrivalList,™ we make it easy to manage your customers' arrival flow.

Easy to join list

Sign up for EnRoute™ service provider portal and set up your account.  We help you add a Join Waitlist button to your website and/or Google listing.

Custom messaging

EnRoute™ pages can be configured to your specifications. Accept waitlist requests, future group reservations or even special event booking requests.

EnRoute Notifications

Customers can send a message directly to your hostess stand to notify you that they are en route or running late, along with their approximate time of arrival.

What makes us different?

ArrivalList™ vs. Traditional Solutions


Simple Waitlists

Reservation Systems


Customers Join Online

Join With Host(ess)

Automated Waitlist Cleanup of No-Shows

Offer Both Waitlist & Reservations via Google Business Profile

Host(ess) Can Mark Remote Customers as Checked-In

Customer Can Self Check-In from Parking Lot

Customer Can See Position in List & All Customer Check-in Statuses

Private Party Requests Accepted with Deposit*

Allow Large Party Reservations Only

Must Call

Must Call

Reservation Holders Can Make Small Changes Online

Must Call

Automated Table Assignments

Connects with Existing Table Management Systems*

* On Our Roadmap

Empty Tables Cost You Money

Establish a steady flow of table turnover, higher sales, happy staff, and satisfied customers

The stigma associated with the word "reservation" has kept many restaurants from accepting them, because the unpredictability of customers often leads to empty tables and lost revenue.  Prioritizing customers based upon proximity-based predicted arrival allows restaurants to efficiently seat or hold tables with confidence, which leads to happier customers all-around.

With EnRoute, you can offer a better customer experience without losing control of your host(ess) stand by removing the hassle from managing the flow of your customers.

Sign up now and start thriving instead of just waiting for people to show up.

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