Introspective and focused, Tanner can be counted on to research solutions to problems as they arise.  He has a questioning nature, which leads him to ask the pertinent questions that may not occur to others on the team.  He understands that there is a connection between ideas, theories, beliefs, and people, and he uses his analytical skills and intellect to find those connections, seeing them as a way to the solutions he needs.  When confronted with a new idea or scheme, he questions everything to ensure that the projects he supports are based on sound theories and a solid foundation.

Tanner looks for common ground when members of the team have differing views, often providing insights that others hadn't considered.  His thoughtful approach to creating bonds with each member ensures that the people behind Floqque are cohesive and moving forward together towards their goals.

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Tanner Ochel

Product Development - Product Designer

If you read my bio above, you know that I am always looking to help people and assist them in solving problems. When Covid-19 began to steamroll the country, I read and analyzed all the research data as it was released so that I could make the best choices I could for myself and those I care about.

Even before the pandemic, I was keenly aware that everyone has a different reaction to being in public or social settings. Some people thrive on it, while others find it overwhelming.  Having worked at a well known local theme park in the past, I learned how many people deal with crowds and waiting, and how some people avoid the situations entirely! While no one enjoys waiting, I don’t mind a limited wait if it matches my expectations and schedule.

Now we're trying to find our footing as restrictions are lifted around the world, but so many people who have been isolated for too long and need to be with their friends and family are still leery of going out because they don't know what to expect. Will it be crowded? Will there be a long wait? Will they even be able to get into the (restaurant, theme park, barber shop, etc.)?

As I see things, a better, more flexible way of queuing for both customers and service providers alleviates multiple problems, making all of us more efficient.